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Most characters have a special ability known as Adrenaline Rush (AR). When you fill your adrenaline bar by gaining AP, you can make an Adrenaline Rush. The higher the level of a character's AR, the less AP it takes to charge for use. The AR effect varies: some characters have healing AR, the ability to damage multiple enemies, deal extra damage to enemies, strengthen defense etc.

For every attack you make and hit an enemy, you gain +20 AP + (weapon bonus if any) + (leader bonus to AP if any).

For every hit you take, you gain from +1 to +20 AP depending on how much damage you took (more damage taken = more AP gained) + (weapon bonus if any) + (leader bonus to AP if any).

- Values of Weapon and Leader bonus to AP when attacking and taking damage: Minor bonus: +3; Small bonus: +4; Medium bonus: +5; Large bonus: +7; Very Large bonus: +8; Huge bonus: +10. Note that Weapon, Leader, and Faction Supporter bonus to AP do stack.

Leveling up characters with another of the same persona may result in increasing their AR level. For 1 and 2 star characters, the chance is 3% per each character used in the leveling up (up to 33% when using 10 characters of the same persona). For 3 stars and higher characters, the chance to increase AR level is higher.

When you use exactly the same character to level up another one, the chance of AR level increase is 100%. This is also applicable when you use trainers of the same persona and universal trainers. In these cases, a yellow tag with "RUSH +" will appear on the top right corner of the character picture when you are choosing which characters you will use to level up.

If you use an Adrenaline Rush that buffs your team, and then eliminate all enemies in the current wave without using all of your moves, you will get an additional free turn on the adrenaline rush's duration.


In Auto combat mode, pure healing adrenaline rush (no attack or defense buff) are only used if you need healing.

Quote Originally Posted by Dash *Scopely*

In general a new bonus to a stat replaces the old one. The one exception to this is if a new bonus is both less powerful and shorter duration than the existing bonus - in that case, the old one stays and the new one is discarded.

The change to show AR costs is on the beta realm as of a few minutes ago, so - unless we find something badly wrong - it should be out to everyone once it gets through all the app store approvals (usually less than 10 days). I love it when things come together quickly.

Interesting tip from the Scopely Forums in using Adrenaline Rush.

[UPDATE: As of 10/14/15 Instant AR Recharge on Walker stage no longer working.]

Attack Edit

Damage Only Edit

Backstab : Shane - Miles Behind Us

Adrenaline Rush Nicholas

Calm Shot : Chris, Danny, Nathan, Nancy

Crushing Blow : Jed, Susan

Devastating Blow : Jesus

Eagle Eye : Andrea - A Larger World

Flurry of Blows : Allen, Cyrus, Jody, John

Headshot : Amy, Georges, Mac, Timothy

Keep Them Away : Neil

Maul: Shiva

Mighty Swing: Caleb, Lucia, Todd

Multishot : Rosita

Panicked Unload : Clifton, Ethel, Gerald, Grace, Parker

Practice Swing : Otis

Precision Shots : Sandy

Relentless Strikes : Carol, Christa

Rending Shot : Andrea - Days Gone By

Rend : Michonne - Made to Suffer

Spray and Pray : Randall

Steady Shot : Andrea - Made to Suffer

Whirlwind : Isabel

Damage and Debuffs Edit

Armor Breaker : Eugene - Here We Remain

Beaten To A Pulp : Craig

Bleed Out : Maggie - Made to Suffer

Brutal Blast : Brock, Mitchell Jr

Bulletstream : Samuel

Cover Fire : Diane, Diego

Crack Those Joints : Axel

Crippling Shot : Gabe

Conk : Billy

Deep Bleed : Benjamin

Derek's Way : Derek

Go For The Head : Ashley

Hail of Bullets : Brigitte

Heavy Chop : Darius

Hold Them Off : Carter

Kneecap : Garrett

Nasty Slice : Tobin

Scatter Them : Holly

Shattering Strike : Joshua

Smackdown : Michonne - Here We Remain

Suppressive Volley : Gloria

The Harder They Fall : Cletus, Margaret

Vengeful Shot : Shane - Days Gone Bye

Volley of Pain : Dwight
Vengeful shot

Damage and Buffs and/or Heals Edit

How It's Done : Hershel, Michonne - The Best Defense

Life and Death:Herschel - Miles Behind Us

Lucille Says Hello : Negan

Protective Shot : Lori

Protection : Lori - Miles Behind Us

Refresher Shots : Aaron

Spraying Slice : Michonne - A Larger World

Fortifying Shots : Lee - Telltale Special Edition

Hurt And Heal : Kenny - Telltale Special Edition

TBC Edit

Defense Edit

Healing Only Edit

In Auto combat mode, pure healing adrenaline rush (no attack or defense buff) are only used if you need healing.

Bandage Support : Martinez

Harlan Adrenaline Rush

Doctor's Orders : Dr. Stevens

Group Therapy : Harlan, Olivia, Ray

Patch Up : Angela, Darren

Peace Be With You : Gabriel

Soothing Confidence : Maggie - A New Beginning

Healing with Buffs and/or CleanseEdit

Experienced Support : Dale - Made to Suffer

Field Patch Up : Denise

Got Your Back : Eric

Help When Needed : Dale - Days Gone Bye, Morgan

Medic Relief : Bob

Phalanx : Mark

Recoup and Recover : Carson

Sidekick Support : Rick - Miles Behind Us, Tyreese - Miles Behind Us

Snap Out Of It : Glenn - Days Gone Bye, Siddiq

Squad Healing : Mirabelle, Tyreese - Skybound Edition

Time to Shine : Abraham

Turn the Tides : Rick, Rick - Safety Behind Bars

Status Buffs Only Edit

Custom Munitions : Eugene - A New Beginning

Maggie Adrenaline Rush

Fortification : Maggie

Instructive Commands : Rick - Days Gone Bye

Keep It Together : Doug. Glenn - Miles Behind Us, Lilly

Kingdom Come : Ezekiel

Pillar of Leadership : Gavin

Pinpoint Weakness : Clarence

Respected Resolve: Rick - A New Beginning

Resupply : Olivia

Runner Maneuvers : Heath

Support Run : Glenn - A Larger World


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