Characters can be obtained by training Survivors in the Training Grounds, completing missions, and opening Supply Tokens. They are used to build a team to fight in combat with other teams in missions and raids. Each character has a persona, age, trait, and former occupation. Characters can also give their experience to level up other characters. Also, the amount of stars a character has determines the value or rarity of that character. The more stars the character has, the better it is. More common characters are recommended to level up rarer characters, but common characters give less XP points to the character leveling up.

Here is a list of available characters organized by traits. Please visit the characters page for a full list.

Strong Characters Edit

Strong Characters are Melee characters that only use two-handed melee weapons. They are strong against Fast characters but weak against Alert characters.

Alert CharactersEdit

Alert Characters are Ranged characters that only use one-handed firearms. They are strong against Strong characters but weak against Tough characters.

Tough CharactersEdit

Tough Characters are Ranged characters that only use two-handed firearms They are strong against Alert characters but weak against Fast characters.

Fast CharactersEdit

Fast Characters are Melee characters that use one-handed melee weapons. They are strong against Tough characters but weak against Strong characters.


Trainers are a special kind of character that can rarely be obtained by training in the Training Camps. They are often won in contests, tournaments or completing special stages on the Road Map. Trainers are able to be used in combat by being equipped in a team but they cannot be leveled up. Their main purpose is to be used in leveling up characters, since they give a character more XP points than normal characters. All trainers have an Alert trait.

There are two main types of trainers: Basic Trainers or Persona Trainers. Basic Trainers only provide bonus XP points when upgrading on any type of character. Persona Trainers provide additional XP points when upgrading characters as well, only they provide an additional benefit. If a Persona Trainer is used on a character that matches their persona, their Adrenaline Rush skill will be given a guaranteed upgrade. For example, if a Persona Trainer has a Hunter persona and is used to level up a normal character with a Hunter persona as well, then their Adrenaline Rush skill will be upgraded, regardless of what type of character it is. However, this means that if a Hunter Persona trainer is used on a character that does not have a Hunter persona, it will only give them additional XP and will not level up their Adrenaline Rush ability.

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