This is a list of missions and rewards available on the Missions Tab.

For Storyline missions only, go to Story Mission.

Name Type Description Rewards
At the Gates Story Mission Continuous until you complete area 15
Expanding your Influence Pt. 1 Infrastructure Upgrade Town Hall to Level 3 x6,700 Materials
Expanding your Influence Pt. 2 Infrastructure Upgrade Town Hall to Level 10 x13,200 Materials, x50 Gold
Rebuilding 101 Infrastructure Build 2 x Farm x5,400 Food
Are You Experienced Pt. 1 Battle Prep Level up a character to Level 10 x6,200 Food, Basic Tokens x 1
Battle Ready Pt. 1 Infrastructure Upgrade Workshop to Level 5 x9,500 Materials
Battle Ready Pt. 2 Craft x5 Battle Items x8,900 Materials
Battle Ready Pt. 3 Combat Use x25 Battle Items x11,600 Materials
Housing Shortage Infrastructure Build x2 Houses x8,300 Food
Mano y Mano Pt. 1 Combat Be victorious in 25 Raid battles x8,300 Materials, x1 Raid Energy Refill
Mano y Mano Pt. 2 Combat Be victorious in 75 Raid battles x8,900 Materials, x1 Raid Energy Refill
Harvest Season Resources Collect 2,000 Rations from Farms x6,200 Materials
Provider Infrastructure Upgrade a Farm to Level 5 x8,900 Food
Always Ready Pt. 1 Battle Prep Upgrade a character to Tier 2
Always Ready Pt. 2 Battle Prep Upgrade a character to Tier 4 x50,500 Food, Elite Character Tokens x 1
Chemical Reaction Infrastructure Upgrade a Workshop to Level 15 x37,700 Materials
Home is where the heart is Infrastructure Upgrade a House to Level 10 x16,500 Materials
Material World Infrastructure Upgrade a Material Post to Level 10 x14,800 Materials
Battle Hardened Battle Prep Upgrade a character to Tier 3 x10,200 Food
Best Served Cold Combat Take part in 30 Raid Revenge battles x13,200 Materials, Raid Energy Refill x 1
Lumberyard Pt. 1 Infrastructure Build 1 Material Post x7,200 Materials
Lumberyard Pt. 2 Infrastructure Build 1 Material Storage x8,300 Materials
Shepherd Resources Recruit 500 Survivors in battle x11,600 Food
Training Day Pt. 1 Infrastructure Build a Training Ground x8,300 Food
Training Day Pt. 2 Battle Prep Complete 10 Training Courses x8,300 Food
Training Day Pt. 3 Battle Prep Complete 50 Training Courses x9,500 Food
Do or Die Use Adrenaline Rush 50 Times x7,200 Food