WD The Army

Recruits & Rewards consists of the following:


When you try random character pulls:
3* 87.15%
4* 12%
5* 0.85%

During a 'double chance' event, your chance are still 0.85% to get a 5*, but with much higher chance (65%) that if you did pull a 5*, it's the featured one.

Google event-epic-eugene , secret-scopelys-random-number-generator , or you tube video rts pulls like this one from 999 Video

Occasionally there are special events that have an increased chance to receive Ultra-Rare/Elite Character plus bonuses for purchasing a certain number of packs at one time.

From Scopely

Some outcomes are more likely than others - these are the 'odds' on a pull that make it so more powerful cards appear less often, and it's these odds that get increased during a special - but each pull is an independent randomized event - pulling a particular character doesn't change the probabilities on subsequent pulls, so there's never a point at which you're guaranteed to get a particular character.

As a simple example, consider rolling a die. If you normally need a 6 to win, you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning. If there's a special where you win on a 5 or 6, your chances of winning increase to 1 in 3. During the special, your odds are objectively better, but in either case it's still possible to roll any number of times and not get a winning result. Dash *Scopely*

In response to Dash dice analogy you need to roll a 100 on a D100, than if you get it you roll an extra D6 il you roll 4-5-6 you get a 5*, if you roll 1-2-3 you get a 3*.


Refund $Edit

I understand you did not know about the odds, because the game hide them, and they way the present the characters you see more 5* and 4* than 3*. The Way the game present the pull are misleading.

Now after the fact you know the odds.

When you try random character pulls: 3* 87.15% 4* 12% 5* 0.85%

Now the good news, you now know about the odds and will likely not pull ahead (from your reaction).

If you never asked for a refund at google or apple store for this game, they will refund you 100% of the times for the FIRST TIMES ONLY.

You can contact them via phone or Email, Phone is faster.