Speedway is the 9th area in the game. It has 7 stages.

Story Mission


Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies and Challenges Enemy Type Advice Ally
1 4 6 Alert

No Challenges

Walkers [1] Garrett
2 4 6 Alert

Area Damage

Enemy Survivors [2] Garrett
3 4 6 Fast


Walkers [3] Garrett
4 4 6 Fast (Surrender)

Fast/Alert (Fight)

Dividers/Healing (Surrender)

Chokepoints/Area Damage/Healing (Fight)

Walkers, Enemy Survivors [4] Garrett
5 5 6 Fast/Alert

Area Damage/Healing (Send people)

Large Mob/Chokepoints (Stay and defend)

Enemy Survivors (Send people)


Walkers (Stay and defend)

[5] Darius
6 5 6 Fast/Alert

Area Damage/Healing/Powerful Enemies

Enemy Survivors [6] Garrett
7 5 6 Fast/Alert

Large Mob/Chokepoints

Walkers [7] Garrett

Story Choices Edit

Garrett wants to turn the speedway into a farm. Darius says that we need to clear it from walkers first. After fighting, Darius is wondering how the walkers get inside, since it was all locked down. Jeremiah shows up once again with his crew and a fight begins.

Afterwards, Jeremiah wants you to surrender so he doesn't have to destroy our town. Jeremiah gestures to the northeast barricade which has a large amount of walkers trying to break through.

While we dealt with some of the walkers, Mirabelle tells us that we're way too outnumbered and we should listen to Jeremiah for the time being. Garrett disagrees and wishes to fight. You have the choice of surrendering or fighting.


Jeremiah says that it is a wise choice but 'not all of you are worthy' and the people left standing will have time to think about our future. Jeremiah then locks us away, separate from his loyal followers, giving us time to think about our situation.

On the third day, Jeremiah wishes to test our will and our resolve. Garrett is pissed.

You receive Prison Crowbar (FAST 3* Weapon: +15% ATK, +15 CRIT) at the end of the area.


Jeremiah calls you a fool and that this choice will be your last.

You receive Cultist Knife (FAST 3* Weapons: Large bonus to AP when attacking) at the end of the area.

Afterwards, the enemies retreat and start shooting us from afar. Darius asks if we should send people after them or stay and secure the town.

3:Send people after them=Edit

Garrett says he'll take the north woods. Darius says he'll take the south of town and that you should stay here. A few minutes pass and Jeremiah returns. Jeremiah threatens that this is our last chance to surrender and that he'll release the dead upon us, even worse than before.

Afterwards, Garrett tells us the woods are clear and we should head back to the others.

Mirabelle tells us that Jeremiah breached the walls and that they're using one of the passageways inside the arena. Garrett and Darius talk about needing to kill Jeremiah since he's being such a threat.

4:Stay put and secure the townEdit

Garrett says he'll put gunners on the fence. Darius says he'll strengthen the gate area.

Meanwhile, a hellish pack of walkers, secreted away in the back of a semi truck are about to be released. Garrett tells us to get to the Speedway quickly and Darius wants to take care of these assholes once and for all.

Afterwards, Garrett needs your help quickly.

Mirabelle tells us that Jeremiah breached the walls and that they're using one of the passageways inside the arena. Garrett and Darius talk about needing to kill Jeremiah since he's being such a threat.

Darius tells us that all the racket is drawing in walkers from the next country and we can't stay in here. Garrett says that we need to fight out way out or we're lunch.

After the fight, Darius says he need to figure this out before we lose the town. Garrett finds the sewers and thinks that it's how the walkers and Jeremiah got inside.

Area Completion Rewards Edit

Mission Rewards: XP x 1,500, Materials x 7,400, Food x 7,400, Prison Crowbar OR Cultist Knife, 70 Coins


  1. Alert Walkers. Tough characters help.
  2. Alert Enemy Survivors with AOE Adrenaline Rushes. Tough characters help.
  3. Some Fast walkers with divider obstacles. Strong characters recommended. Alert/Tough characters alright for attacking over the dividers if necessary.
  4. You have to fight both walkers and enemy survivors. (Fast or Fast/Alert)
  5. Fast/Alert enemy survivors/walkers, depending on your choice.
  6. Fast/Alert enemy survivors
  7. Fast/Alert walkers.