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The Sewers


Stage Energy


Waves Obstacles Enemy


Advice Ally Items Sighted Youtube Walkthru
1 5 6 N Walkers Garrett
2 5 6 N People Garrett
3 5 6 Dividers Walkers Garret
4 5 6 Chokepoints Walkers Darius
5 5 6 Chokepoints Walkers Darius
6 5 6 Dividers Walkers Darius
7 5 6 None Alert/Tough People Darius
8 5 6 Chokepoints Walkers Open

Rewards for Mission Completion:

Profile XP - 1,900

Food - 9,200

Wood - 9,200

Coins - 75


Send John - John's Shotgun

Send Mirabelle - Cultist Knife


Stage 1 : Who To Send

As you, Darius, Garett, Mirabelle, etc go to the sewer, you will here noises.

Mirabelle thinks it's walkers. So Garett says to you who to send.

You can send either John or Mirabelle.

If you send John:

If you send John, he will say "Why Me?". Garrett and Mirabelle then talk about the walkers. Then you will hear voice echoes from the tunnel calling for help. After you beat Stage 1, you will see him get is face eaten by a walker. REWARD : John's Shotgun (After you beat Stage 8)

If you send Mirabelle:

Mirabelle screams for help, the team get's her and kill the walkers.

Stage 2 : Margaret appears and she says that Barker told them "how they are", and then, exclaims that they'll take their place. Begins the fight agains another group.