Title Description
Patient Zero One of the first Infected
Survivor Completed the Battle Tutorial
Builder Completed the Builder Tutorial
Humanitaian Homemart: Trusted Jim
Gate Keeper Completed at the gates
Ride the Rails Completed Fuel for the Fire
Woodsman Completed Long way around
Prison Breaker Completed the Prison Battle
Bridge the Gap Completed the way home
Reconcilator A stranger appears: Made peace with Jeremiah
Heathen A stranger appears: Told off Jeremiah
Nemesis Completed the second swarm
Served Cold Completed Jeremiahs Revenge
All In Completed Into the Breach
Insanity Check Completed the edge of madness
Risk Trainer The clean up: powered through
Accuser Completed Traitor in our Midst
Strengthened Completed Drifters
Rage Unleashed Use Adrenaline Rush 675 Times
Doomsday Prep Accumulate 1,850,000 Food
Architect Accumulate 1,850,000 Materials
Survivalist Earn 2,500 Reputation
Battle Ready Use 800 Battle Items
Player Slayer Complete 425 Raids
Savior Rescue 2,950 Survivors
Building an Army Hire ??? Faction Members
Cold Dead Hands Fight ??? Revenge battles in Raids
Mortal Combat Kill 5,500 Humans in World Map Stages
Killing Machine Kill 16,500 Walkers
Defender Get hired 395 times