Town HallEdit

Town Hall

Town Hall

The Town Hall is the main base of operations for all of Woodbury.

The level of your Town Hall dictates the highest level you can upgrade your other buildings as well as the size of your Town. Once you reach the max level upgrading a certain building, you must upgrade your Town Hall to continue upgrading that particular building. You do this by accumulating and spending the minimum amount of building materials the game requests for each level-up.

The advantage of having a higher level Town Hall will allow you to eventually expand your Town past its original perimeter and add even more buildings to your Town.

A sign post with the Arrow Up button will appear in front of a building if you have everything needed to upgrade it (Town Hall high enough level, enough food/materials).

The Town Hall houses 30 Survivors.


Cleaned up and renovated, this house provides room for survivors to stay.

This building houses your Survivors. Survivors are used in the Training Grounds. The higher level your houses, the more survivors are able to live inside it.


A small farm that provides residents with food.

A small camp which generates Food.



Food StorageEdit

A repurposed building used to hold food.

This is where you store your Food.

Material PostEdit

A small camp for generating materials.

A small camp which generates Materials. Can be converted into a Scavenger Camp.

Scavenger CampEdit

A camp that sends teams of scavengers out on missions.

You can send characters to scavenge for supplies such as Food, Materials, Coins, Character XP, Supply Points and World Energy Refills. Those characters will not be available for anything (missions, raids, war, etc) until they return from the Scavenging mission. Can be converted into a Material Post.

Material StorageEdit

A space used to store materials.

This is where Materials are stored.

Material Storage

Material Storage

Training GroundEdit

This makeshift training area helps develop survivors into hardened battle-ready teammates.

The training area turns Survivors into Battle Ready Teammates. Use these teammates to upgrade other characters. For best results, upgrade these Teammates with characters that have the same Persona as the teammate you are upgrading.


This building allows for the crafting of various items.

This is where you can craft various Battle Items.




This is where you boost yourself by using Googleplay credit to purchase more




Armory Edit

This building can upgrade your weapon's stat.

Armory functions